Release daccord 1.6.4 – new features and optimizations in certification process

In daccord 1.6.4 some core features were implemented that particularly simplify the certification process in terms of usability. As in previous versions special customer requirements help us to design and develop new features for the access governance software.




»We have put in a lot of work and invested a lot of energy in the optimization of the certification processes. New functionalities that lead to considerable time savings in your  everyday work life.«

René Leitz, team leader product development G+H Systems GmbH
The most important new features

Retrospective control of “deleted“ persons

Persons and user accounts that were deleted in the target system can be set to status „deleted“ and can be controlled retrospectively. This is particularly interesting for deleted persons that still have active user accounts. Moreover the system manager is now able to search for active users that are assigned to inactive or deleted persons. Typical use case: a former employee quits the company but still has got active user accounts (licence costs).


System manager can define rights manager

A system manager is now able to manually define and create a rights manager for specific rights in a certain system.


Additional search filter in person search

A new search filter „department“ has been implemented in the admin frontend in the person search. A small enhancement that many of our clients explicitely asked for.


Optimization and extension of history function

Now it can be determined which kind of event is relevant to the history (i.e.ADD, MODIFY, DELETE) and which attribute is not (i.e. last login). Additionally the performance has been optimated.


Initiation of role deletion

The new release allows to initiate the deletion of a role, including all subroles. The deletion of single user rights is already implemented in former daccord versions.

Simultaneous certification of roles

The new daccord update provides a feature to certify multiple roles simultaneously. This clearly reduces the work load in daily processes.


Search of roles

The new update includes the possibility to search for certain roles in the user tree. This is particularly interesting for extensive role models with various sub roles.


Analyze the role assignment or rights

In the admin frontend the search of rights has been extendet to see which roles a certain right obtains.


Two-stage certification

A two-stage certification has been added to daccord. A system manager and a person manager have the ability to carry out the certification collaboratively or individually.