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Do you have full control of your access permissions?

With daccord, make the decision for an up-to-date security plus when it comes to the granting of IT access rights. The tried-and-tested software protects against manipulation of your sensitive data, gives an overview of all existing rights structures and effectively warns or rights violations.

Why daccord?

What makes daccord so special

With daccord, we provide everything for a comprehensive, practical and sustainable solution when it comes to the topic of access permissions.

  • Transparency and control at your fingertips or automatically
    Target-performance comparisons show who is authorized to do what and who might be over- or under-authorized.

  • Meet compliance requirements continuously
    We offer recertification processes that also work in everyday situations.

  • Identify risks early and inform accordingly
    Set up any risk definitions for which you will receive a warning should they be violated.

  • Comprehensible for the departments
    Create and use role models to depict and evaluate permissions.

  • Easily include responsible persons
    Use the easy, personalized views for different responsibilities.

  • Directly initiate correction processes
    Use stored actions to correct detected deficits.

»It is our goal to effortlessly integrate the control of access permissions into your workday. Only this way, you will achieve sustainable security in the sense of the statutory requirements.«

Thomas Gertler, Managing Director G+H Systems GmbH
Four Stages

Success in four stages with daccord

This is how you will gain control over all permissions

Sustainable control with the four-phase model of daccord

The daccord software will support you in four factors crucial for success that are not yet satisfactorily implemented by many companies in practice: in comprehensive data collection, the structuring of data, the assignment of the right data to the right persons and in the guaranteed control with verified results. The four-phase model of daccord is the sustainable path to success.


  • Replacing of tedious manual work steps

  • Always the most up-to-date data inventory

  • Historical information about changes

  • Global pool for user and permission data

  • Storage of information in a uniform format


  • Identification of unused and technical accounts

  • Identification of orphaned user accounts

  • System-spanning analysis of permissions

  • Role analysis and role modeling

  • TARGET-PERFORMANCE comparisons (target-role model)

  • Statistical evaluation of imported data


  • Personalized and comprehensible views

  • Responsible persons for persons, rights and systems

  • Automated delivery of reports

  • Comprehensible display for the different departments

  • Continuous control via responsible persons (continuous auditing)


  • Warnings for rights collisions (SoD)

  • Execution of recertification processes

  • Enforcement of control processes

  • Revision of data on the basis of rules and standards

  • Active information regarding changes in rights


This is how you benefit from daccord -
a smart move

Benefit from a continuous analysis of granted permissions within your IT landscape. Company-wide. Independent of manufacturer. With daccord, you are on the safe side and fulfill all statutory requirements and compliance guidelines.


»The biggest IT weakness is often the not clearly defined access permissions of employees.«

René Leitz, Head of Product Development daccord

Benefits for
managing directors

Put an end to complex permissions analyses that cost a lot of time and money

  • Risk minimization via transparent rights structures

  • Prevention of damage to the corporate image

  • Ad hoc analyses

  • Compliance with statutory requirements

  • Automatic display and immediate notification of a responsible person in case of rights violations

  • Significant reduction in costs and capacity

Benefits for
your IT department

For your colleagues to always have the right permissions - no more, no less

  • Risk minimization via transparent rights structures

  • Support for the setting up of a role model on the basis of effectively granted rights

  • Long-term, always available analysis of access rights in all systems

  • Identification of deviations in case of corporate changes

  • Reduction of costs and capacities for the preparation of complex permissions analyses

  • Detection of unused licenses

  • Role-based access control

Benefits for
data protection officers

A cyclic deletion of historical data sets can be configured as well

  • Up-to-date and comprehensible presentation of rights structures

  • Compliance with statutory requirements

  • Control of compliance with segregation of duties (SoD)

  • Automatic deletion of historical data at a predetermined point in time

  • Automatic report creation

Benefits for

With the push of a button, daccord shows who in the company has what type of access rights

  • Identification of security vulnerabilities via transparent presentation of rights structures

  • Easy analysis of access permissions

  • Compliance with statutory requirements

  • Control of compliance with segregation of duties (SoD)

  • Effective support during the review of permissions concepts

  • Implementation of continuous auditing

  • Reduction of costs for complex permissions analyses